In-ear headphones with mic

in-ear headphones with mic

10 headset with mic, volume adjustable for iPhone and Android
In this article, we will introduce to you some headphones range from a few hundred to less than 2 million dong sound good in price range and especially with a mic, adjust the volume used for the phone. Android or iPhone.

This list includes headphones that only support volume control for Android phones or iPhones and some models with shared mic for both iPhone and Android.

Headset with mic and volume control for Android phone

Sony STH30
The Sony STH30 is a headphone that has been popular with a lot of people over the past few years, thanks to its sound or price range, mic and volume controls, which are compatible with the Android operating system. As for the iOS operating system, STH30 only supports chat mic.
This is a very special headset with IP57 water resistance. The STH30 has a hybrid design between earbuds and in-ear earbuds to create a high level of comfort as well as provide an airy, balanced, strong and powerful sound. Sony STH30 headphones are available in three trendy colors including purple, white, black.
Xiaomi Pistons 2.0
There are many who have become accustomed to Xiaomi, the Chinese electronics giant, which has been rattling lately with smartphone-based smartphones and modest prices. Xiaomi Pistons headset is also one of the successful products of the company. Xiaomi Pistons also supports conversational mic and volume control compatible with the Android operating system. Like the Sony STH30, Xiaomi Pistons only supports mic for the iOS operating system.
Xiaomi has a pretty nice design with earbuds made of golden metallic vein but lightweight with lightweight umbrella wires. The quality of Xiaomi Pistons is considered by many users to be quite audible, with a strong bass band, high strips of light, medium strings that match with vocal music, and acceptable acoustics.
Xiaomi In-ear Basic
This is a shortened version of the above-mentioned Xiaomi Pistons 2.0 headset. Although this is a shortened version, this headset continues to support conversational mic and volume control for phones running Android. Meanwhile, iPhone only use the talk mic.
Like the name of the product is Xiaomi “Basic”, this basic version of the basic Xiaomi headset is quite simple design with plastic headset but still durable and strong. The sound quality of these cheap headsets is usually easy to follow, with the vast majority of users.
Headset with mic and volume control for iPhone
Speaking of SoundMAGIC, we think of cheap, high-quality headsets and sound quality. The SoundMAGIC E10M headset is no exception. Unlike Sony STH30 or Xiaomi Pistons headphones with mic and volume control for Android compatible sound, the SoundMAGIC E10M has a compatible mic and volume control for the iOS operating system. Android phones can only use the mic on this headset.
The E10M is a pretty, hard-wired headset with shiny metallic headsets and twisted-pair headphones. However, this is a headset that needs a short burn-in to be able to reveal the sound or inherent. Burn-in is the process of listening to music regularly, which makes the diaphragm softer, so it vibrates and responds better to sound files.
After the burn-in period, the E10M sound quality was improved markedly with the strongest and strongest bass strings. E10M can hear a variety of music such as lyrical music, dance music …
Klipsch S4i
Surely many people have known the American brand Klipsch through the speakers. Beside the speakers, Klipsch also produces good quality headphones. Klipsch s4i headset is another product that supports mic and volume control compatible with Apple phone while only supports mic for Android phones.
The Klipsch S4i has a luxurious design with headphones made of high quality plastic, rubberized cable and has a relatively light overall weight.
The sound of the Klipsch S4i follows the trend of ear flaps with strong, strong and vibrating bass strips that are moderately smooth, uncluttered, smooth and inspirational.
Headphones with mic for both Android and iPhone
This is also a cheap headset from the SoundMAGIC brand. Unlike the above headphones, the MP21 only has mic available for both Android and iOS phones with mic quality is quite clear and honest.
Following the trend of cheap headphones, the sound quality of the MP21 sounded relatively balanced, with the right bass volume, good control,