Sony in ear headphones

Sony in ear headphones

Sony MDR-E818LP Fontopia Ear-Bud Headphones Review

Innovations made from the age of portable technology are truly unstoppable. In music, who could miss the transformation of handy music gadgets from portable audio cassette players to the light touch multimedia we have today. One thing that every owner needs is a top quality pair of headphones made to maximize convenience of entertainment wherever he goes. For more than two decades now, Sony is manufacturing earphones fit for several portable gadgets such as the Sony MDR-E818LP Fontopia Ear-Bud headphones. This is one of the Fontopia series that buyers would enjoy in terms of product quality and cost.
Listening to that scratchy sound overlapping your track is not at all nice, more so with feeling uncomfortable with them in your ears. The good thing about this earphone is that it is convenient in many ways. Not only that it has the classic earphone design suited for everyone, but also amazing features that will enable the owner to listen comfortably.

Earphone Components
Made up of 16mm Driver Units and Neodymium Magnets, the earphones make it possible for listeners to have an astoundingly fine treble sound and deep bass. This provides a balanced, well combined and rich audio effect, more like the high resolution, original recording. Furthermore, there is nothing like the devices Plyethelene Terephthalate or simply the PET diaphragm that allows efficient response to frequency ranging from 12 HZ to 22000HZ.

To ensure quality performance of the product, manufacturers are generous enough to provide accessories which are all handy and user-friendly. The package, which can be bought singly or as a whole, includes an Arista 18-315 10 foot extension cable, right angle headphone adapter, headphone amplifier, and headphone extension cord. The cords are especially designed so that the ear buds can be placed properly no matter where the portable gadget is located.

Style and Comfort
The design of the ear buds are especially made to fit all types of ear shapes, not to mention how light they feel in the ear that owners may forget that they are actually wearing them! The rubber surrounding the ear buds protects the ear from discomfort for long hours of wearing. The additional accessories, silent caps, see to it that the sound will not disturb any person not wearing the earphones regardless if the volume is put to maximum.

Drawbacks: Sound Quality vs. Material Quality
The features of the product and its distinct specifications make it an ideal earphone to buy. However, buyers would always go for something that lasts longer especially those with budget constraints. The problem with is that they break too easily in a lot of circumstances. The rubber cover falls easily no matter how careful you become, probably because it is loosely fit to the ear buds. The bad news is; it is hard to look for replacements for the rubber since only a few stores sell them for the model. Over all, the headphones can give high quality audio but may not be ideal for long term use.