Philips in ear headphones

Philips SHQ1000/28 In-Ear Headphones Review

Having those easy-to-slip earphones made listening to music while doing workouts almost impossible. What fitness enthusiasts like you need is something that can go with your active lifestyle. Check out Philips SHQ1000/28 In-Ear Headphones and find out if the product description and key features match with what it can actually do. But before that, identify what type of listener you are. Are you meticulous about earphone sound quality, or are you more concerned of their tight fit and comfort?

Key Features
• Light-weight design (0.03 lb) enabling you to bring them almost anywhere you want.
• With a 1.2m long cable, its comfortable enough to wear anytime you want.
• Frequency response of 30-20,000 Hz
• Has 1-mW maximum power input
• 110 dB sensitivity and speaker diameter of 13.5 mm
• Soft silicon caps for wearing comfort. Traditional plastic buds will just hurt your ears after hours of wearing them.
• Water resistant and has antibacterial qualities.
• Has a two-parallel cable and symmetric connection
• Uses a gold-plated finishing connector and neodymium magnet type in both ear buds

Advantages of Philips SHQ1000/28 In-Ear Headphones Review

Not all earphone products have the same features as Philips SHQ1000/28 In-Ear Headphones. What make it unique are the antibacterial qualities it possesses and its user-friendly features. To people who wanted to keep their lifestyle active while bringing out their love for music, the Philips’s SHQ1000’s series can be a good option. High-pitch audio is made better than the previous models, and comfort enhanced through varying ear bud fit. The package includes 3 ear bud sizes (small, medium, large) which are sure to fit any type of ear shape. It’s comfortable, hygienic, and has perfect fit; however, these are not the only features that make an earphone good. If there are hits for Philips SHQ1000/28 In-Ear Headphones, it’s also worthy to mention some of its misses.

Misses of Philips SHQ1000/28 In-Ear Headphones
Though the high pitch audio is above average, bass sound is noticeably off. Headphones are expected to perform well in terms of both bass and high-pitch sound to achieve audio balance while listening. These headphones are not doing quite well in this aspect. Since they come in the usual ear canal design, you would expect noise-cancellation effects, but it seems that the design is for aesthetic purpose only. Apparently, there was no noise cancellation features and can sound horrible if you wear them while doing activities like driving a tap down car or riding a bike.

Who Can Wear Philips SHQ1000/28 In-Ear Headphones?

When talking about listening to music, there are only two requirements: sound quality and comfortable fit. With the ones mentioned, it seems that the earphone only passed one (comfortable fit). So when you’re a person who likes to listen to great audio quality every time you visit the gym, check other earphones with better sound quality. On the other hand, Philips SHQ1000/28 In-Ear Headphones can be a great music buddy if you care less of the audio and more on bringing them wherever your trip takes you.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best In-Ear Headphone

Choosing the right set of headphone can allow you to listen to your favorite music anywhere you go—when you’re at the office working, traveling, working out at the gym and while doing some chores at home. They help you to escape from distracting noises outside. It’s also lightweight and compact; it doesn’t eat too much space in your bag. The in-ear headphones are more affordable compared to the bigger full-size variety.

Choosing the best in-ear headphone takes a lot of patience and practice because not all in-ear headphones are created equal. It will depend on the kind of activities you will use it most often.

For those wanting to use it with their MP3 players or any smartphones, in-ear headphone is an excellent choice because it’s very portable and convenient. If you’re going to listen to music while working out, of course you want something that won’t easily come loose. Headphones with clip-on earpieces can help secure the earbuds while doing physical activities. Some people prefer those behind-the neck designs or those with no headband on it so that it won’t mess up the hair or the hat, if you’d be wearing one. The good thing about in-ear headphone is that it fits into the contours of your ear canal, which can potentially isolate most external noise. This allows you to enjoy your personal space without having to listen to the people next to you. If you want in-ear headphone that is compatible with your iPhone or music phone, then it should have those with mic and volume controls embedded in the cord.

As for wireless headphones, these portable type features a small transmitter that can link the headphone jack to your iPhone or MP3 player. The transmitter will send calls and music from your phone to a small receiver built inside the wireless headphones