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Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones Review

Looking for the best in ear headphones that won’t break your budget? The Bose TriPort in-ear headphones should definitely be on your list. This pair of earbuds is fully packed with interesting features that will bring your listening experience to another level.

Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones integrate a TriPort acoustic headphone structure that will help produce tonally balanced audio with more range and realism compare to most typical earbuds. If you like durable earbuds that you can use for hours of comfortable listening on the go, this pair of IE audio headphones by Bose technology would be a great choice.

Here are the best features of Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones:
• 1 pair of earbuds with 49 audio cable,
• Soft silicone eartips in different sizes,
• High quality, earbud-style headphones,
• Bose sound technology delivering a full range of sound,
• Color-coded tips in different sizes for personal, comfortable fit
• Angled plug that fits directly into MP3 players such as iPod and iPhone models, laptops, portable CD and DVD players, and
• 1 lanyard, 1 clothing clip and a carrying case.

Guaranteed Comfort and Durability

Additional highlights and selling points of the Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones are their level of comfort and durable material and construction. The company promises that your pair of earbuds are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday listening use, wherever you are.

With the StayHear silicone eartips, the earbuds are also made to stay put snugly inside the bowl of your ears while you move. So you will have no problem listening to your favorite music while doing your workout routines.
With the integrated inline remote, situated on the back of the microphone, you can control your iPhone, iPod, or other Apple devices. You can adjust the volume, play, pause, or skip tracks, forward or backward, and change playlists.

The Cons. The major problem with Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones or any Bose earbud products is they don’t have noise-isolation features. If you want a new pair of headphones that will block the outside noise while you travel, start looking elsewhere. Bose in ear headphones are not for you. Some users also complained about the treble sound which for them is a bit harsh to the ears.

All things considered, if you are in search of in-ear headphones that are budget-friendly yet rank high in audio performance and quality, then the Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones are a great option for you. They may not have the noise-cancellation capability, but the earbuds are ace in comfort, durability and sound.

Actually, Bose wants your earbuds to have no noise-isolating feature for your safety. You can enjoy listening to your music while being aware of what’s happening around you. Moreover, the Bose TriPort also offers mobile options, allowing you the convenience of taking calls on the go, or switch seamlessly between listening to music and taking calls, or even enjoy both.

Buy a new pair of Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones for only $65.88.