Bluetooth in ear headphones

Bluetooth in ear headphones

At present, bluetooth headset is a headset no stranger to technology lovers, especially in the era of “technology boom” as today. Since the introduction of bluetooth headsets are often used by users to talk, indeed the quality of sound when listening to music is still not comparable with the headphones connected by wire through the jack. Today, with the development of wireless audio signal transmission technology such as Kleer or AptX, the quality of the bluetooth headset has been greatly improved, it can be said close to the wishes of consumers. The advantage of the bluetooth headset can be used when playing sports, on the go, along with a number of other extras such as noise cancellation or vibration alert when incoming calls. To choose a quality and sound headset or a “pocketbook” you will need to find out thoroughly.

It can be said that based on the design, the Bluetooth headset is divided into three main categories: fullsize, onear, inear. In this article, we would like to summarize the most popular bluetooth in ear headset on the market today.

Top 8 bluetooth in ear headphones 2017

1. Powerbeats 2 Wireless

The Powerbeats 2 is one of the most recognizable Bluetooth headphones on the market. Powerbest 2 has a stylish design and is comfortable for the user. The soft grip can be bent around the ear to hold the headphones. Powerbeats 2 is an attractive choice for sports fans, motorists, fans of dance, rock, hiphop, R & B.
When playing the dance music, R & B, or Pop Beats show strengths it is Bass deep, strong, and strong. Although some symphonies do not require too much bass, the Beats sometimes make the clear vibrancy not reach as much as desired. Take care of this product if you like it.

2. Jaybird BlueBuds X Sports

Highlights of the Jaybird Gear BlueBuds X is one of the most popular sports headphones today with a “lightweight” design, good sound, sweat resistance, with controls on top. Wire and mic to talk you can use very conveniently.
The ear pads have an outer silicon soft wing to fit into your ears to ensure that they do not fall off when you play sports.

The bass is not as powerful as the Power beats 2, but it makes the Bludbuds X sound more balanced and natural, and its reproducible sound reproduction is even better. That is a great advantage of this product line.

3. Sony SBH 54

The highlight of the Sony SBH54 is Sony’s latest Bluetooth in ear headphones. The design is loyal to the design of the bar like the SBH52 but is rounder, the body of the unit is aluminum monolith. The machine is equipped with an OLED screen, built-in 2 mic noise, support HD Voice, vibration alert when you receive a call, the talk time and music of the headset is about 8 to 10 hours, quite high Compared to some other in-ear headphones. Of course, two unique features such as the ability to talk on the receiver and the ability to resist rain is still the same Sony SBH52. The SBH54 supports Android-based control software with some features such as reading messages, tracking appointments, and so on.

The bass is rounded, high in volume and sometimes there is a slight invasion, the mid-bass is fine, keeping the rhythm of the song. Mid progress and detail is well expressed. Treble has enough energy and is not dazzling. If you want a better music enjoyment, you just need to replace it with a 3.5mm ported headset that you are using, the connection is simple. In addition, the headset still supports FM radio, using Bluetooth 3.0 but the downside is that it does not support APTX. High tech products are of great interest.

4. Plantronics BackBeat Go 2

The outstanding feature of the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 Bluetooth Headset is the compact, lightweight stereo headset of only 13 grams that is compatible with a wide range of portable devices such as music players, phones, laptops. The look changes compared to BackBeat Go with a compact shape, young, dynamic, full of personality. Besides being able to remember the connection to eight devices, the BackBeat Go 2 also features DeepSleep, which saves power without powering off when the headset is not connected to the source. Plantronics Go 2 in combination with P2i replenishes moisture resistance thanks to nanotechnology.

About the sound quality: The Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 uses a digital signal processor (DSP) combined with duplex echoes, which gives you excellent audio quality.

5. Sony MDR-AS800BT

Highlights of the Sony MDR-AS800BT is the ultra-compact, high-definition bluetooth headset that fits neat, simple, sophisticated users. Sony MDR-AS800BT has only a very small set of battery terminals, built-in bluetooth 3.0 and NFC support for multiple devices at the same time. The exclusive HD Voice technology used by Sony for this headset provides the best call quality. Especially water-repellant and sweat-proof are perfect, this advantage is extremely favored, the wintips can be removable to fit into a sports headset when needed.

With the Aptx and Balanced Amarture technology, the sound of the AS800BT has the same resemblance to the well-known XBA headphones lines, which are remarkable. The sound processing capability is extremely perfect, detailed and clear. Brings you the ultimate audio experience when connected to mobile devices. The AS800BT is rated by audiophiles as equally superior and somewhat superior to the SBH80 headphones. Even so, the bass strings are drowier than the Powerbeats 2 wireless. But this is still an interesting and wonderful product.

6. Jabra Play

The highlight of Jabra Play is the bluetooth in ear headphones, which has a simple but unique design and Jabra’s flair for mobile phones. The headset includes a bluetooth transceiver designed like a lipstick and a 3.5mm port headset attached. The Jabra play has a Bluetooth 4.0 connection for fast connectivity and a stable signal for up to 6 hours of talk time, up to 8 days of standby time, and two Bluetooth devices at the same time. The products of the same type. Headphones with built-in noise-canceling microphone, LED display for connection status and battery status. Headphones ensure high quality digital audio that fits in with pop, dance, lyrical flow. Similar to the SBH54, you can completely improve the sound quality when using high quality wired headphones. Consider the features to see this is a product suitable for a number of customers.

7. Sony SBH20

Highlights of the SBH20 bluetooth in ear headphones in the low segment but still have full high-end NFC connectivity, Bluetooth 3.0, HD Voice with simple call keys and music control via bluetooth receiver. This is a product that compared to some other in-ear headset products are not too excellent but you look at its outstanding advantages such as:

Enjoy the rich bass and dynamic sound of this versatile headphone, allowing you to move freely and enjoy all the sound in your smartphone at distances up to 10m. Sony Bluetooth SBH20 Available in various colors: black, white, blue, pink, orange.

The headset has a secure and rotatable grip that allows you to wear your headset as you like. A convenient power slide button and large tactile music controls further enhance the ease of use for subtle styling. At low price, the Sbh 20 still shows the superior in terms of features and sound quality, but compared with the more advanced models such as SBH50, SBh52, the SBH20 has not integrated LED display.

8. Bluedio i4

The highlight of Bluedio is a bluetooth in ear headphones company that we are familiar with, which usually focuses on usability, compactness, long battery life, and the outstanding features of a headset. Bluedio I4 is the most successful bluetooth headset sterreo in the company’s headphones cheap. I4 uses Bluetooth 2.1 EDR technology, but still provides good signal in the range of 10 meters, listening to music and conversation clearly.

Similar to the bluetooth headset with removable controls, the I4 can also replace the supplied 3.5mm ported headset with a superior headset for a better music experience or connection to the system. Home speaker in a simple way. The only exception to the Bluedio i4 is the same as sbh 20 that has not integrated LEDs to display the song information as well as the phone number of the caller. However, this is not a problem for such a great headset.
Looking at the strengths and weaknesses of inear bluetooth headsets at different prices on the market, players will also wonder about the price.

So consider your pocket money and choose a good product that suits you best.

Kleer – A technology like Bluetooth but with wider bandwidth, better sound and no connection required.

AptX – is a technology that provides clear wireless audio for the best devices such as headsets, soundbar, speakers, tablets, and smartphones. It was kept secret in the audio industry for many years. Now, music lovers can enjoy the music experience that only AptX can bring.

NFC – Near Field Communication is used to connect Bluetooth headsets to other devices simply to connect.