Best wireless in ear headphones

Best wireless in ear headphones

In the age of technical science, wireless music headsets are becoming the top choice for the average consumer by the utility it brings. In big markets like the US, according to recent NPD reports, the sales of wireless in ear headphones have surpassed other headsets for the first time. In the early months of this year in the US, it accounted for about 54% of headphone sales.

At present, there are many models of wireless music headphones from headphones to headphones, but in practice, these headphones have good sound quality and reasonable price. Must be many. Basically, wireless headsets now use the standard Bluetooth connectivity from 2.0 to 4.2 latest. The high-end models will include the APTX encoder developed by Quacom, and will include a built-in mic and volume control that make it more convenient for users to listen to music or receive incoming calls. . This is extremely convenient for the user.

In order to help users choose the model of wireless music headphones with good sound quality, the same price reasonable. We have conducted the experience directly and consulted the experts as well as the feedback from the consumers after experiencing to get a list of the earphones currently considered the best, based on 4 Evaluation criteria: Sound quality, ease of use, durability and finally price. And people can also look at them at the principles to keep in mind when choosing to buy wireless in ear headphones to choose the best products and the most suitable for you.

The principles to remember when buying a wireless in ear headphones

If you are a person who enjoys listening to music in public spaces such as the workplace, in a motel room where the host does not allow loud speakers, or simply during picnics, The headset is definitely the thing that separates you.

Wireless in ear headphones, with their lightweight features, using the latest Bluetooth technology and acceptable battery life, are a must for those who “hate” the long strings of a wired headset. Theung. However, you may be dazzled by the “forest” of wireless in ear headphones brands today. Here are the number of principles to remember that will help you choose the exact product you need.

1. Identify your needs

This is an age-old principle, but always accurate when you intend to buy anything. With headphones, this is even more true. Some wireless in ear headphones are optimized for gaming sound, while others are better suited for playing music, chatting and chatting. Identifying the needs will help you find a specialized product that fits your needs.

2. Do yourself a little comparison

It can be said who is a believer of shopping also know the value of weighing, comparing the items together. Therefore, there are many online “reviews or comments” on a product. When buying headphones too. Do not rush to select a product immediately after just through the sample and advertising. Outline 5 to 6 names, then look for reviews about them. Focus on 2-3 choices that experts and users suggest are the best and most stable. Although we tend to choose headphones that come with the “best is best”, you should not do so simply because you will not have enough information about the product. To make the right decision. And new products often do not have many reviews and comparisons. So be careful with your initial choices.

3. Do you buy online or directly at the store?

Better answer is to give priority to the store to listen directly before buying. The reason is because you are wondering by so many different criteria and choices, so just try “hold it in your hand and listen with your own ears”, you have the basis to make the decision. A reputable headset store now has enough facilities and space to sample your product.

If people are not in big cities, or want to buy headphones abroad, countries with quality headphones, online stores are not bad. However, you should pay attention to thoroughly understand the level of credibility of the seller, and the policy change, pay the wrong product or not satisfied, because no one wants to spend a whole bunch of money for a headset and then take a cold. I’m depressed because my item “does not sound right”. It’s a waste of time.

4. Check the headphones carefully

One note that the headphones you buy will accompany you for many years, so wearing comfort is the most important factor. The “ear” for each person is different, but in summary there are three factors you need to keep an eye out for:

– The first is the fit

– Sound quality.

– Headset structure meets the needs: Compact (easy to store balo for travel), light (for long-term use) and durability.

5. Sounds better

Bluetooth headsets are often thought to produce poorer sound than wired ear. However, nowadays, recent technologies have helped improve the sound transmission through wireless signals, such as the latest Bluetooth technology, aptX, which is usually equipped on Android devices, with negative audio encoders. The advanced bar can bring a “high-end” feel to the overall audio experience. Consider factors like this to choose the right product for you.

6. Headphones or headphones lightweight

wireless in ear headphones, like wired earphones, will cloak your ear, remove most of the background noise, and help you sink into your own space. But also this structure will cause your ears to sweat when worn as long as the air is not released. Therefore, it is best to choose the type of ear is open structure to help the ear is airy by the end, when choosing a wireless headset, we tend to favor mobility and tighter. If you do not pay attention to this factor, the headset will have an advantage in terms of sound quality. All the options have their own advantages and limitations, but you have to choose the most suitable one.

7. Talk time and standby time:

wireless in ear headphones are getting smaller so keep an eye on technical specifications for ongoing talk time or standby time. If you have to move a lot, choose headphones that have a 2-3 day standby time. Surely you will not want your Bluetooth headset to run out of battery in the middle? So check the parameters thoroughly and re-evaluate yourself in the actual use to avoid buying the wrong purpose of use offline. Because this is very important.
Finally, carefully check the headset before you bring it back


No matter which criteria you choose, you should never forget to choose a wireless headset that also does not come with a warranty. Normally, 1-2 years warranty will help users to feel more secure and also contribute to the money factor of the product.