Best cheap in-ear headphones

best cheap in-ear headphones

Best In Ear Headphones for Musicians
Whether you are a professional musician or an aspiring one, you need to have the best in ear headphones that allow you to hear everything you want to hear from the deep bass to the midrange and high sounds. It doesn’t matter if you’re a back-up or lead singer or drummer. When you can hear yourself properly, you stay in tune and achieve your best audio performance.
With that, below are five of best rated in-ear headphones for musicians that you can check out:
Shure SE535 Metallic Bronze In Ear Headphones

This is Shure at its best. These earbuds come with Triple High-Definition MicroDrivers that deliver truly exceptional audio performance plus an incredible noise-cancelling feature in a very small package. Shure SE535 Metallic Bronze In Ear Headphones are designed to meet the heavy demands of live performances, making it a solid choice for professional musicians and audiophiles who are looking for flexible, comfortable and dynamic in-ear headphones.
Westone UM3X with Removable Cables

Westone UM3X offers users an almost perfect audio quality all-around. These earbuds work great for iPod or iPad use featuring a unique 3-way triple driver technology that reproduces a sound signature that conventional earbuds can’t match.
This pair is an easy top choice for professional performers with its, aside from its great sound quality, superior in-ear comfort and noise isolation. You will not also worry about the cable getting tangled and distract you from concentrating on your performance, as these headphones have utilized the EPIC Cable Ultra with supple braided design.
The Westone UM3X is also highly regarded by known artists and sound engineers for their high standards in sound quality and comfort.
Shure SE215 Clear Earphones
If you are looking for a budget alternative for best in ear headphones, you can’t go wrong with the Z Shure SE215 Clear Earphones. For its price, you can still enjoy the best qualities of Shure incorporating the same high quality of Shure sound technology and superior comfortable design that users will love.
Shure SE215 Clear Earphones are a great choice for musician with a limited budget without compromising the sound quality, style and comfort.
Miles Davis Trumpet High Performance In-ear Headphones

Named after the iconic jazz player, the Miles Davis Trumpet High Performance In-ear Headphones are the perfect choice for the Jazz lovers. These earbuds deliver a unique listening experience for users with their sonic detail and clarity of vocals. The innovative headphone technology and design which places the drivers in the ear tips make you experience the music closer to your eardrums.
SOUL by Ludacris SL99 High-Def Sound Isolation In-Ear Headphones

Soul by Ludacris is a good choice for professional DJs or would-be DJs. These headphones feature an advanced Driver and Circuitry Design for an enhanced bass response, with clear midrange and high sounds, creating a high-precision and well-balanced audio performance. For a personal comfort fit, Sould by Ludacris in-ear headphones come with different ear tips sizes and protective carrying case.