Best In Ear Headphones Under 20

Best In Ear Headphones Under 20

Best In Ear Headphones for Swimming
Listening to your favorite tunes while swimming can help you keep on the move. With Apple releasing the much-acclaimed Waterfi Waterproof iPod Shuffle, and with a best pair of best in ear headphones for swimming, professional and non-professional swimmers or any water sports enthusiasts can now enjoy their music while engaging in their favorite sports.
Here is our list of best in ear headphones for swimming or any water sports.

1. H2O Audio Surge Earbuds

A popular choice in the market today is the H2O Audio IE2-BK Surge 2G Waterproof Earbuds. These headphones are 100% waterproof with sleek hydrodynamic design and enhanced bass amplified sound, offering swimmers a great listening experience while submerged in the water.
This pair of H2O earphones comes with five different sizes of ear plugs to make sure of the right and comfortable fitting pair for your ears. The quality construction of the earbuds is designed to withstand air pressure up to 12 feet in depth.

2. SURGE PRO Balanced Armature Waterproof Headphones

This is the second H2O Audio waterproof earbuds in the list. Surge Pro is a high-end alternative and also the smallest, ultracompact earbuds for swimming in the H2O Audio headphone series. This durable and comfortable pair of earphones delivers a more accurate sound performance which makes a perfect choice for active audiophiles who are also into water sports.

3. Audio Bone 1.0 Waterproof Headphones

These earbuds are designed not only for swimming, but also running, cycling or any other active activities in various environments. Audio Bone headphones are known for its “bone conduction” technology that transmits the music through the user’s bones directly to the inner ear.
Audio Bone sound technology promises that you will hear excellent stereo quality music without covering your ears, so you can still be aware of what’s happening around you while running or swimming. Audio Bone headphones work best with iPods, CD and MP3 players.

4. Laird Hamilton Signature Waterproof Headphones
If you’re a fan of the surf legend, Laird Hamilton, then you will certainly love these waterproof headphones named after him. Laird Hamilton Signature Waterproof Headphones also come with a lifetime limited warranty.
Designed with SoundPowerful neodymium drivers, these earbuds for swimming deliver exceptional vocals clarity and dynamic bass response, which can very much enhance your surfing experience or while training for your next triathlon.
The Laird Hamilton Headphones also include 10 sets of Elastomer ear plugs for a more personal, comfortable fit in whatever activities you will be doing.

5. Waterfi 100% Waterproof MP3 Player Swim System
If you are looking for a complete set for your audio needs and swimming, the Waterfi 100% Waterproof MP3 Player Swim System is a good option to go. This is our top pick for a waterproof MP3 player and in-ear headphones for swimming.
The whole package includes a waterproof 2GB iPod Shuffle, a set of H2O Audio waterproof headphones & earbuds, a set of Velcro securing straps, iPod box, and USB Cable.