Best in ear bluetooth headphones

Best in ear bluetooth headphones

Usually, the sound quality of the Bluetooth headset is not as good as a wired headphone jack. But Bluetooth headsets are better than sports (joggers, gyms) and are used when the user is not entangled by the wires. And along with the development of wireless audio signaling technologies such as AptX or Kleer, the sound quality of these headsets has improved dramatically. Along with that are some other extras such as noise cancellation or vibration alert when incoming calls. However, the cost of these wireless headsets is quite high, cost about 2 million VND for a good quality headphones and sound.

Based on design, Bluetooth headsets are divided into three main categories. The first type of headphones is worn around the head or a headset that is full-size, with earcups covering the entire ear. The second type is like the first one, but the earcups are smaller and usually fit just to the ear (on ear). Finally, a compact earphone is inserted into the ear. Each type has its own unique advantages. So when you buy you need to consider the purpose of choosing a suitable headset style.

With the increasing and widespread presence of devices supporting Bluetooth connectivity such as Apple, Sony, LG and Samsung smart clocks. Due to the specificity of these devices-they do not support a slot for a wired headset, so wireless headsets are an indispensable accessory for those who own these devices. Recently Apple has removed the headphone jack port on the Iphone 7, users are closer to the wireless products.

In ear bluetooth headphones

The advantage of this type of headphones is that it is compact, tucked into the ear with a cushioned tip. You can carry and listen to music anytime, anywhere. Bluetooth earplugs are judged on the basis of design criteria, playing time, sound and durability.